One Year of Marketing for your Book!

Get 12 Months of Book Promotions for $100 (total Value $325)! 

As crazy as it sounds, we’re kicking things off starting in January 2020.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. You pick a date each month & you pick any one of your books for us to promote each month (Value $25/book or $300 for 12 books).
    1. You can pick a different book every month or the same. That’s totally up to you!
  2. Your book will be
    1. Sent to our Newsletter subscribers at the top of our NL list every month
    2. Posted to our website under New release or Book Deals section every month 
  3. Pick one book of your choice to be submitted to our Review Team via our Priority Review Service (Value $25)
For Best results while participating in this opportunity, you should have:
  • At least One Book on Sale at 50% discount price.
  • One Book you want reviews for
The higher the quality your book(s) are, the better the results will be!
To get started, Click the Buy Button Below and Request to join our Facebook Group: Reader Central 2020 Year-Long Promo Group