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ARC/Book Review Service


If you love the concept of NetGalley but can’t afford their prices, then you’ve come to the right place! Reader Central has over 250 readers who love to read and leave honest reviews!

Please be sure to read all of the details on this page about how this service works; all of our policies on giving out Advanced Reader Copies are compliant with both US Law and all vendors’ Terms of Service.

Our service DOES include:

A post made to our group offering your book free with hopes of a review. We do not require them to review nor minimum rating requirement. Reviewing is optional to stay in compliance with Amazon TOS, which state: “Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, as long as the author or publisher does not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review.

Your book will be presented to our growing Review Team for 4 months. This includes us pushing your book to the new reviewers that join our team on a regular basis.

You’ll receive an email from our Priority Book Review Coordinator as the reviews are submitted by our team, including if the reviewer had picked up your book via KU.

We request books for our Unicorn Reviewers. Meaning, these reviewers are more than likely to complete the book they requested and are book addicts (some of our authors found lifelong readers from our review team)

*Fun fact, we have a 87% book review request to completion rate for our Priority Reviews! Industry average is 80%.

Some things we do ask you to be aware of when signing up for our service:

  • Reader Central needs 3-4 weeks before reviews start to get posted.
  • Reader Central does NOT guarantee a certain # of reviews.
  • Reader Central does NOT guarantee that you’ll be getting a certain type of rating for your books.
  • Reader Central does NOT pay our reviewers for reviews, therefore, the reviews they leave are unbiased, honest and of their own.
  • Reader Central asks our reviewers to be respectful in their reviews, but that doesn’t guarantee that your book review ratings might not receive a review below 3-star.
  • Refunds are not available for Book Review Services.
  • Although we do keep a close eye on submitted reviews, Reader Central is NOT responsible nor is associated with the thoughts and book reviews left by our review team. Therefore, when booking and making a payment to our book review service, you are agreeing to not hold Reader Central responsible for the quality of the reviews left by the reviewers.
  • Reader Central’s Primary role is to push your book out to as many of our reviewers as possible to get you the maximum amount of reviews possible by our team!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Am I paying for reviews?
    1. No, you are not paying for the reviews you receive with our review service nor do we recommend anyone that guarantees a set of reviews or ratings as they violate Amazon’s TOS. Our service is very much inline with Netgalley, which means you are NOT paying for reviews. You are only paying for our ability to offer your book free to our group of reviewers in our reader group.
  2. Will I get any bad reviews?
    1. Perhaps. Since we can’t guarantee what the reviewers think of your books, we’re unable to answer this question. The reviews you receive are 100% honest and the opinion of the reviewer. Reader Central is not responsible for the reviews left for your book.
    2. We do not remove readers from our group when they do not review, and we do not condone authors harassing or incentivizing any of the readers in our group to get them to leave reviews. Our reviewers are encouraged to leave honest reviews ONLY, if they choose to review.
  3. How Does Your Service Work?
    1. Upon clicking the “Book Now” button and filling out the form with ALL requested information, we schedule your offer to go live on the date you had requested.
    2. Readers will request for a review copy to us.
    3. We provide you with a list of email/Kindle Direct email address you can choose to distribute the copies.
    4. When the reader chooses to leave a review of your book, we send you the links of the submitted reviews.


  • Our readers are drawn by top-of-the-line book covers and may see up to 5xs as many review copy requests.
  • Keep your blurb SHORT and PUNCHY. Long-winded blurbs see 33% less requests.
  • Wait SIX WEEKS before sending the follow up email to us asking about your book reviews.
  • Do NOT email us demanding our readers leave their review & fall in risk of violating Amazon TOS. It is THEIR CHOICE if they want to review. Do not shame, harass, trash talk, or inconvenience in any way.
  • Do NOT ask us to request changes or delete reviews left. These reviewers are leaving HONEST reviews and you need to go into this expecting their honest feedback.
  • Please familiarize yourself with all vendor Terms of Service to stay inline with their recommendations for best practices.
  • Remember: You’re not buying reviews or ratings for your books. Your payment is to cover our time and access to our readers to help you find reviews. There are no refunds unless we fail to make the post on your scheduled date. Payment is for our posting ONLY and does not cover distribution, follow up, or reviews.

The ARC Review is good for 5-10 reviews on average

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