At Reader Central, our ARC list has many voracious readers and/or reviewers interested in multiple book genres. The Reader Central ARC program sends your novel to our list of reviewers, that match with your type/genre of book with readers that are most likely to enjoy it.

In addition we take precautions to constantly clean our list, removing team members that typically ask for books, but do not leave reviews. Due to that reason, we have an unprecedented leading review rate of over 90%. That means, if we’re to send your book to 10 of our reviewers, on average you may end up with more than 9 reviews!


You pay a one-time fee. There’s no need to contact us to cancel your subscription or run into the risk of recurring payments even after cancelling your subscription.


Our authors’ books are only seen by interested reviewers and are only made available to those who agreed to review the book.


No one is compensated for reviews. Our reviewers choose which books they’d like to review.

PLUS With Reader Central Book Review Program:

  • Your title is offered to exclusive ReaderCentral's Community of Reviewers
  • Promote your title digitally & securely
  • Gain valuable feedback
  • Expand your reader base
  • Connect with readers that go beyond our ReaderCentral program

So, what are you waiting for? We understand how frustrating it can be to find your own reviewers, follow up, and stay in compliance within retailer’s review rules. Let us do what we do best in helping you gain reviews for your books, while you focus on writing your book!

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It’s as simple as 1-2-3!


Author sends us their review request by filling our Review Request Form.


Upon approval into our program, digital copies of the book are then sent to our reviewers based on the reviewer genres interests.


Sit back and relax and watch your books gain reviews between 2-4 weeks on our site and Amazon, Goodreads, or Bookbub.

Please note: ReaderCentral makes no guarantees about the number or quality of reviews you will receive, and offers no refunds based on those numbers. It is expected that some reviewers will not be able to leave reviews (or will choose not to) for all books, and not all books are enjoyed by all readers. Most of those factors are determined by the quality of book over anything else, so do your best to provide us with the best book possible!

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Bronze Plan

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$ 17
One Time Fee
  • Submitted to 50 Reviewers.
  • Place a digital book on the ReaderCentral platform for 1 month.
  • Get Bi-weekly updates on book reviews

Silver Plan

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$ 27
One Time Fee
  • Submitted to 75 Reviewers
  • Place a digital book on the ReaderCentral platform for 3 months.
  • Get weekly updates on book reviews

Gold Plan

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$ 47
One Time Fee
  • Submitted to 125 Reviewers
  • Place a digital book on the ReaderCentral platform for 6 months.
  • Promote your title on a specfic category's landing page for 30 days.
  • Get daily updates on Book Review Requests


To list your title(s) on ReaderCentral, fill out our form “Book Review Request” Form. Upon approval you’ll be invoiced for a per-title listing fee, available for self-published authors, or publishers who are looking for books to be reviewed.

That’s it!

Yes, we do! You can list your title(s) directly with ReaderCentral by filling out the form above!

Any author that has a book unpublished but ready to be reviewed OR a published book that needs more reviews, can join our program.

Absolutely not! However, we do work closely with our reviewers to ensure they read and review majority of the book they receive for reviews. 

In addition, we also clean our lists of those reviewers that are taking full advantage of borrowing books for reviews and consistently failing to leave reviews.

This is the reason why our team of reviews that do borrow the books average 90% or above in leaving reviews.

Please note that due to a recent change in Amazon’s policies, anyone leaving a review must have spent at least $50 on the Amazon account they use to leave reviews. ReaderCentral does not require our readers to spend money just to leave reviews on amazon. Therefore, the reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/Bookbub are not guaranteed. 

Only reviewers who have agreed to review your book will be able to access your ebook file.
We accept .mobi file type, direct links to Amazon if you have KU books, links to Bookfunnel, Instafreebie, etc if the above two are not possible.
Please note that when you’re sending your .mobi file to us to be distributed to our reviewers, your .mobi file will be sent to our reviewers from [email protected]
Although we do everything we can to ensure that you ebooks are not stolen/copied/pirated, we can not guarantee that this will not happen! So when sending your .mobi files, you’re also agreeing that you’re not holding ReaderCentral Accountable for any losses or damage this might cause you.

We accept all book genres as our review team is growing fast.

Having said that, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, and PNR seem to be a big hit with our reviewers!

We offer a full refund as long as your book hasn’t been published for review requests, no questions asked.
Send us an email at [email protected] ASAP to receive a refund.

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