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RELEASE DATE: 10/25/2019


Alyssa Drake

Attached to a violent fiancé, a desperate young woman makes an impulsive decision to conceal a stranger in her barn, altering the course of her life (and death) forever…

Raised in pastoral Romania, innocent Crina knows nothing beyond her father’s farmlands. When she discovers an injured man hiding in their barn, she is captivated by his exotic nature, offering him shelter, despite the warnings of the local townsfolk.

Grateful for her compassion, Thaddeus seduces Crina, revealing his dark secret during their passionate encounter; an insatiable desire for blood. He then vanishes, leaving Crina a sack of coins; enough money to escape from her cruel fiancé. However, when her fiancé discovers her deceit, he brutally attacks her… Thaddeus intervenes too late.

Unwilling to lose the only woman to show him kindness, Thaddeus offers her a unique solution. Now, Crina must decide not only if she can love a monster, but if she can love herself for becoming one.


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