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Angel Charmed

Raquel Lyon

Being a witch is great. Keeping it a secret, not so much.

Between one of her students pushing her buttons and the prospect of facing Christmas alone, Beth is having a shitty week. To top it off, another student is missing. And when Beth investigates, she bumps into a familiar face.

Detective Sam Williams is everything she should want in a man. There’s something about his dark, brooding nature that has her contemplating him filling the void in her life, until she remembers he’s human. Exposing her magic outside the supernatural community is a risk she can’t afford to take.

But avoiding Sam proves impossible, and when his investigation takes a deadly turn, she fears she has no option but to reveal herself to save him.

Angel Charmed sits in the Fosswell Chronicles’ timeline between Foxblood and Dragonblood.

This book was written, produced and edited in the UK, where some spelling, grammar and word usage will vary from US English.


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