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RELEASE DATE: 03/04/2019

Anguish: The Clans Mafia Boxset

Elizabeth Knox & Iris Sweetwater

The pain that comes from a life in the mafia is anguish, but who knew the amount of triumph and love that could come through it.
Anguish is a mafia romance box set containing the first five books in the romantic suspense series, The Clans.

Mariana has been a prisoner for years, but Ion is determined to find the queen of the clans and make her his forever. Only, Mariana is not so easily tamed.

The Trade
Natasha thinks she has found a man to stimulate her mind and her body, but then she watches Anton kill her uncle. Will she ever be able to see him as anything but an enemy?

Willow ran away from her mafia heritage to another country only to be dragged back by a sexy and cocky American she thought was just an ordinary guy. Now, she is tasked with taking over her father’s clan and marrying a Romanian man, but her defiance may lead to another choice entirely.

Aria is broken, betrayed by her own father and now seen as useless. Salvatore thinks he can swoop in and be the monster she needs to solve all her problems.

Love Is War
Rhys screwed up, and he is ready to finally go to the Ukraine where he intends to fix it by winning the country back for the Romanians. Only, he finds opposition in the form of a powerful criminal mastermind, a woman that he hopes is willing to marry the enemy to solidify both their agendas.

Be prepared for the lust, torture, and heartbreak that faces the men and women in the Romanian mafia clans.


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