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Astrid V.J.

Silver winner of the 2019 Literary Classics International Book Award for Young Adult Fantasy

“A well written and utterly charming coming-of-age tale. With excellent world-building in a realm where magic, elves, and unicorns exist, we are introduced to perfectly flawed and highly relatable characters.”

About Aspiring

A coven of witches plots to overthrow a kingdom. One brave woman stands in their way.

At her mother’s death-bed, Elisabeth learns her mother’s illness is no accident and that her own life is in danger. Evil witches are plotting to take over the kingdom of Vendale. All alone, naive, and untrained, Elisabeth’s determination is all she has to confront her mother’s murderers as she discovers love at the same time. While Richard’s behaviour sends distracting mixed messages, Elisabeth finds herself stuck in limbo: she is treated like a child but is forced to make adult decisions. Meanwhile, the witches’ plot spins a fateful web around her.

Can Elisabeth succeed in the face of insurmountable odds?

This is the first part of a two-part story.
Becoming, Part 2 of the Siblings’ Tale
will be available in August 2019.

The e-book of Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings’ Tale also includes exclusive access to “Nyriana’s Musings or The Diary of an Equine Companion”. This think piece from Elisabeth’s horse’s perspective is not intended for publication and is only accessible through this e-book. The link to Nyriana’s Musings is embedded in a concealed place. This is a treasure hunt. Good luck!


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