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RELEASE DATE: 04/01/2020

Bound to the Fairy King

Aiden Pierce

Two lovers, two lives, two worlds. How can I be an ordinary housewife from Yorkshire, a wife to my sweet, quiet husband and a queen to the sultry and mysterious fairy king at the same time?
The year is 1914. I’ve just married my childhood sweetheart, Jackson James Wellington. With the wedding come and gone, I thought we would settle into a normal life together. But with the passing of Jack’s father and a novelist for a husband whose obsession with fairytales and myths borderlines insanity, married life is different than I expected it to be.
Then a strange illness fills my head with the most peculiar of dreams, and my life becomes anything but ordinary.
Now, I wonder if it is I who is the insane one.
I’m a level headed woman, a proper and well-bred English lady. So why can’t I shake these fantastical and fevered dreams about the king of the fairies? The fae with heartbreaking beauty and words as soft as silk whispers to me in my sleep, making dark oaths in the dead of night, and I am not sure how much longer I can resist him.
And should I succumb to his lure, our forbidden romance will turn my world on its head, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.
Bound to the Fairy King is a steamy, full length, gothic fantasy romance featuring a complicated love triangle in the on-going Wyld King Series.


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