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RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2019

Burning Road

Skyla Madi

Sheltered by my political upbringing, I was destined to live a quiet and uneventful life – until James Creed, Vice President of the Devil’s Cartel, barreled into my bedroom one hot summer evening.

From that night on, I dreamt of leather, oil, and the biker covered in tattoos who rode a motorcycle so loud it hurt my ears. I craved to see the dark side of Exeter where the enigmatic men ran wild and free of the social and lawful expectations that ruled my life.

My father’s political campaign revolved around destroying the Devil’s Cartel and cleansing the streets of Exeter. So I knew James Creed would always remain out of my reach…

…until he wasn’t.

He was gorgeous, rough, and lethal. And as his hot leather passionately clashed with my delicate cashmere, I knew I had a decision to make, and I was torn.

Do I continue to live my mundane life of luxury or give it all up to rule Exeter’s underbelly?


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