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RELEASE DATE: 01/30/2020

Cane’s Promise

Victoria Gale

Life was good until my dad died and my Mom remarried. Her new husband was no saint, but compared to his son, he might as well be.
Daniel tortured me for years, and every time I ran away, he dragged me right back.
This time would be different. This time I’d made a plan…
Daniel planned better.
The only thing neither of us counted on was Cane Landon.
He was as sexy as sin and as hard as nails, and he claimed me as his …
… promised to protect me.

Everything I do is for the Forever Midnight Motorcycle Club; my brothers, my family.
I’d never questioned my loyalty until Thea walked into my life.
She’s mine and I’ll do anything to keep her safe.
When my brother, the president of Forever Midnight MC, told me to hand her back to the family that tormented her dreams. I told him where he could shove that idea.
Now, the only family that matters is her…
I’ll keep my promise and keep her safe.
No matter the cost.

Buy this story full of alpha male deliciousness and panty-melting sexiness and wake up your senses today!


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