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RELEASE DATE: 08/20/2019


Vanessa Garden

In a glittering underwater world, where danger lurks behind beauty and power, seventeen-year-old Miranda Sun must decide between her freedom and the love her heart ultimately yearns for.

While taking a midnight swim in the ocean, Miranda Sun is pulled beneath the surface only to awaken in a glittering underwater city where she is being held captive by an arrogant young king, Marko.

Marko wishes to marry Miranda in order to save his crown from falling into the hands of his sinister brother, Damir, who resides in the dark recesses of the city’s underworld.

But Miranda is desperate to return home and right things with her sister. In order to escape, she spends her captivity concocting elaborate escape plans and forms an alliance with eighteen-year-old Robbie, Marko’s personal guard, in hope of securing her freedom.

Miranda fights the pull of the glittering, beautiful undersea kingdom, her blossoming feelings for the smoldering king and the deep friendship with Robbie. But danger lurks under the glittering water. Miranda quickly discovers that even underwater, people have secrets….dangerous secrets which could cost her all she holds dear.


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