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RELEASE DATE: 11/20/2019


Stephanie Hudson & Blake Hudson

Are you ready for a Dark, Twisted, Erotic, Supernatural Fantasy?

The Devil can see me and knows when I’m watching.
The Devil can hear me, when I whisper his name,
The Devil can feel me, when I sneak in and try to touch the sin of his world. And the Devil can taste me, when I scream in the night.
The Devil is my stalker and I am his only weakness.
The one soul that continues to slip through his fingers, no matter how many times he tries to conquer it.
He is the King of Hell and I am his greatest Sin.
He is the Devil waiting and I am being lured in.

My wife. As soon as I found out her soul was in Hell it’s all I can think about. A nightmare that consumes me.
So, I have no choice. I have to make a deal with the Devil.
Six souls taken for one soul returned.
But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch.
The Devil wants to use my body as a host.
He wants to monitor his investment. But then there’s a complication. An internal battle begins, and I have to fight the Devil for the rights to use my body how he pleases and the only thing that pleases him…
Is her.


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