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Devil’s Flame MC Box Set: Books 1-5

Romi Hart

Warning: The Devil’s Flame MC Box Set is full of rugged, gruff, alpha protectors!
They will melt your kindle and keep you up all night long. They will take you on some wild rides!

That’s all I was looking for.
But then came a surprise I had never imagined.
Kira Hawthorne.
A gorgeous woman with perfect smooth curves and sexy eyes.
She hates her brother and everything he stands for.
And that works in my favor.
Kira is tempting me.
And I’m just not able to resist the temptation.
I’ll keep her safe and destroy anyone who means harm to her.
I will put everything on the line to make her mine!

I’m ruthless for my brothers, my club, my family.
My injuries brought me to the hospital.
Who knew I would meet a nurse who could take my pain away in an instant.
Spending time in the hospital has never been more enticing.
The problem is she hates bikers.
But I’m not the one to give up.
I’ll make sure she gives up before I do.
But trouble never leaves the town.
It’s dangerous for Leigh to stay with me.
Those bastards don’t know who they’re messing with.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
I’ll save and protect Leigh, forever.

I’ve vowed never to fall in love again.
So I threw myself into the club business.
Women were trouble, plain and simple, but I just couldn’t keep my gaze off Rory.
She had all the right curves in all the best places.
Still, she wasn’t worth the trouble.
But the more I try to ignore her, the more I feel she belongs to me.
But there’s danger in the city.
So many kidnappings, threats and attacks.
I have to keep Rory safe and protected at all times.

I’m not the type to get hung up on a woman.
I’ve been through my fair share of women in the past.
But there was something about this woman.
The moment I saw Skye, I knew she was different.
Her smooth curves and gorgeous eyes.
She’s the hottest woman at the club.
But there’s more to her than that.
And I can’t wait to find out.
But with the life I lived, that was just asking for trouble.
I have to keep Skye safe at all costs.
I’ll save her. I’ll claim her.

I have sworn to remain celibate.
My Harley is the one and only loyal woman in my life.
All my work is for the Devil’s Flames.
My brothers. My club. My family.
But being the President of this MC is a tough job.
Zeke suggested I take some time off.
And when I did, I met the woman I could not take my eyes off.
The moment I saw Regan, I knew she belonged to me.
Her touch was just what I needed.
Her perfect smooth figure drives me wild.
But there are some things I need to take care of first.
Those bastards don’t know who I am.
I’m gonna put an end to this madness.
I will do everything in my power to protect Regan, no matter what.

This Box Set is full of HEAs, no cheating, no cliffhangers and plenty of steam!!!


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