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RELEASE DATE: 02/25/2020

Dragon Savior

Serena Meadows

A dragon-shifter trapped by fate.
Must steal a heart to save his powers…
But can love ever truly bloom, when caught within a lie?

As leader of the dragon-shifters that defend Prospect Falls, Adam battles demons and monsters on a regular basis—but he never guessed his greatest test of all would be finding love. Fated to lose his powers if he remains unwed by the age of thirty-five, Adam has little time to meet and court a woman who’ll embrace the man he is, and the dragon within.
When Molly crashes her vehicle and wakes up in the arms of a tall, dark-eyed rescuer, the world is a throbbing mess of confusion. She doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from, or how she got there. Worst of all, her handsome savior is a complete stranger—despite the fact they’re apparently in love, and happily married.
Molly struggles to understand how she could have forgotten the intense, charismatic man that tenderly nurses her back to health. Sparks fly between them, but Molly’s memories refuse to return…and something isn’t adding up. Her mysterious husband is keeping secrets and when the truth is finally revealed, Molly’s world will come crashing apart a second time.
Note: This is Book 1 in the series “Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls”. All books in the series can be read as standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers.
Warning: Adults Only


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