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RELEASE DATE: 02/06/2020

Dragon’s Fake Mate

Kayla Wolf

He’s my brother’s best friend, and I’ve been fighting a pathetic crush on him since forever.
But this Dragon is definitely not the one for me.
Far too focused on his bad boy, womanizing lifestyle.
Far too outgoing, protective, muscled, and gorgeous…

I do my best to avoid him and that intoxicating scent that’s doing strange things to my pulse.
Until I have to spend a whole weekend with him. Alone, as his fake girlfriend.
It’s strictly business, of course, and I’m a professional, regardless of that honeymoon suite.
I swear I won’t allow my treacherous mind to wander underneath his shirt.

Come to think of it, this trip might actually help me get over my irrational crush.
If I spend enough time with him, the stupid side of me will finally realize what he’s really like.
It’s called exposure therapy.
Operation “Shake Off This Crush” is about to begin.

Let’s face it: We’re opposites.
And opposites don’t attract.
Especially among Dragons.
Makes sense.

Doesn’t it?

“West Coast Water Dragons” is a paranormal romance series about a bunch of very hot dragon shifters who live on a peninsula that is abundant in everything but females… Bless the woman who gets lost here.

The series consists of stand-alone stories, each with a HEA, that are connected through the dragons who live on the peninsula. This story contains mature content and is intended for 18+ readers only.


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