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Simone Scarlet MMA

How the mighty have fallen.
Once upon a time, I rode with the Knuckleheads Motorcycle Club – the baddest gang of vigilante bikers in the southwestern United States. We brought hell in our wake – waging war against drug dealers, pimps and gun-runners, and always trying to stay one step ahead of the law.
And then I got lucky – or did I?
A winning hand at poker gave me the kind of life I could have only dreamed about. I hung up my helmet in exchange for a motorcycle hot-rod shop, a hit reality TV show, and a life of easy money playing the role of the badass biker I’d once been for real.
But you know what? It felt empty – fake. Like part of me was missing the man I’d used to be.
And then, one day, all that changed – when she came pounding at my door.
Chloe Parris – the most beautiful little spitfire I’d ever laid eyes on, and the daughter of my old biker brother Frenchie.
Executives from a big oil company had gunned down Chloe’s father, and now they were after her. Before he’d died, Frenchie had told her to find the only people he trusted to protect his daughter – The Knuckleheads.
Only, the Knuckleheads didn’t exist any more – not except as the gang of poseurs my buddies and I pretend to be on TV.
But when murderous thugs come gunning for Chloe, my old instincts took over. Once a Knucklehead, always a Knucklehead – and if I have to reform my old gang just to keep this gorgeous girl safe, you bet your ass I’ll do it.
We’re the Knuckleheads Reborn – and I’ll wage war against the Devil himself if that’s what it takes to keep Chloe safe.


I’d waited my whole life to get to know my father – and then thugs from OilMerica gunned him down before I had the chance.

With his dying words he told me who was responsible – and the only people I could trust to make them pay.
The Knuckleheads.
But did Dad’s old motorcycle club even exist any more? The only mention I could find of them was a cheesy reality show – with a hunky, hard-riding heartthrob as the star.
I thought they’d be a bunch of phonies – but when I went pounding on his door, Flint Frasier didn’t disappoint.
Seven feet tall, built like The Rock, and with more tattoos than a parlor on The Strip – Flint used to be the real deal; and when thugs with guns come calling, he’s more than willing to climb back into the saddle.
We stand to lose everything if we can’t avenge my father’s death – but all I have to do is take one look into Flint’s steely grey eyes to know that he’ll bring hell down on anybody who threatens to stand in our way.
Nobody has ever looked at me the way Flint does, and nobody’s ever made me feel this way before. We might be riding into hell itself – but with the Knuckleheads leading the charge? Maybe it’s the Devil who should be worried!

Flint is a 91,000 word, stand-alone, Motorcycle Club Romance featuring explicit sensuality, incredible storytelling, and a blistering pace that will leave you breathless by the time you reach the guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!


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