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RELEASE DATE: 11/28/2019

Gisela’s Passion (Elisabeth and Edvard’s World Book 0)

Astrid V.J

Ever since she can remember, 18-year-old Gisela Winry has wanted to dance. Her strict father sees dancing as the path to immorality, licentiousness and debauchery. Devastated at his wrath after she secretly auditions and wins the title Harvest Queen of Ylvaton, Gisela turns to her best friend, Hilarion, who proposes a path she cannot take. With their friendship broken, Hilarion retreats to the solace of the forest where he lets his hatred and jealousy fester. Meanwhile, Gisela meets Vincent, a young nobleman seeking to escape his dead brother’s shadow.

Will Gisela be able to uphold her family honour and get to do the one thing she’s always been passionate about?
Will Vincent’s chance encounter with the lovely harvest queen from a tiny village become more meaningful than earning his father’s approval?
And will Hilarion fight for the love of his life or give in to the darkness within him?

Immerse yourself in the life of the common people of Vendale in this prequel to The Siblings’ TaleGisela’s Passion is the retelling of a lesser-known Slavic folk tale, which is better known in its incarnation as a French ballet.

The e-book of Gisela’s Passion also includes exclusive access to “Vincent’s Dream OR The Power of Decisiveness”. This alternative ending to Gisela’s Passion, which explores the possibility of a different path for the three protagonists of this story, is not intended for wider publication. The link to Vincent’s Dream is embedded in a hidden place. This is a treasure hunt. Good luck!


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