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RELEASE DATE: 11/07/2017

Hidden Gabriel

Victoria Pinder

I’m stuck in a winter storm…

Until I found shelter at Gabriel’s house.

But as I’m heating up, I’m also getting goosebumps and it’s not just attraction. What is he hiding in this house?

Handsome and mystery all combined in Gabriel, the only other person living, and he’s not used to talking or having guests.

I’m drawn to him, but his dead wife has him living like she was still here and watching him. Talking isn’t easy for him.

With the never ending storm outside the windows, I’m pulled into more danger and mystery within the walls that no longer seem safe.

The house itself seems to throw obstacles, but if I don’t figure this out, will I survive?

You’ll love this contemporary romance with a gothic twist, because everyone loves the thrilling question of being sucked into a bit of a mystery.


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