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RELEASE DATE: 07/13/2013

JASE: Steel Brothers – A Family Affair

MJ Fields

They say never judge a book by its cover, but as an avid reader of ‘those kinds of books’… and member of my mom’s book club, it’s hard not to.
I mean, who can blame me for lusting after a sexy, tattooed, pierced, bad boy, with milk chocolate eyes, and all that sexy hair.
The way he looks at me has me as wet as the Jersey Shore.
It’s lust at first sight.
Just one little thing stops me from throwing caution to the wind and letting him devour me the way all the hero’s in the books I read do their women.
I’m a virgin.
Okay two, he’s my cousin’s best friend.

I’ve seen that look hundreds of times.
She’s asking for it.
Maybe not in words, but in the way she looks at me.
I want to devour the sexy little blonde, with the big blue eyes, perfect little tits, and perky ass.
She wants me too.
Only issue, is she’s my best friends’ cousin, and he knows I’m no Prince Charming who’s going to ride in on a white horse and sweep a girl off her feet.
I’ve worked hard to maintain the reputation of being more the no strings, Prince Albert type of guy.

But she’s making everything… hard


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