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RELEASE DATE: 02/01/2018

Links of Betrayal: The Longo Files

Dean Bromley

Twenty years prior, primary school-aged Penny Drew is subjected to a horrifying ordeal at school camp by the hands of bully Amy Woods and a number of her friends.
In the present day, the abduction of schoolgirl Sally from a public swimming pool in the usually quiet town of Heathcote causes a panic among the residents.
Head of the Missing Person’s Taskforce, ageing Detective Alex Johnson is notified and heads to Heathcote to investigate.
Aspiring career-driven investigative journalist Jennifer Longo receives the first of many anonymous internet links which leads her to Heathcote Swimming Pool, coincidentally, the town of the first of many abductions.
Detective Johnson and Longo inevitably cross paths in their investigative enquiries in endeavouring to uncover the truth about who is responsible, along the way, developing an interpersonal love-hate father-daughter relationship.
As more children go missing, the pair realise that working together may be a logical tactic; however, Longo’s new love interest and Detective Johnson’s prime suspect appear to be the same person – Jason Drew.

Dean’s books are loved by readers who enjoy crime drama, murder suspense, psychological thrillers and mystery romance.
The Longo Files is about a female investigative news reporter by the name of Jennifer Longo. She is an inquisitive individual who thrives on getting the real story. To achieve this, she will do whatever it takes!
With 5 Star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub, I am sure these books will have you captivated until the very end.

Join the thousands of people across the world who are reading this exciting brand new crime series today!


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