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RELEASE DATE: 10/16/2018

Lost Angel

Ben Cheetham

Wow a real who done it!! Twists and turns from beginning to end. One story feeds into another and then they all connect. A story of despair and murder that leads to the truth of people with power feeding on the young and weak.’ Goodreads Reviewer

As sweet oblivion stole over her, she replayed in her mind the moment the man had died. That was one memory she wanted to hold on to. Always.

Stephen Baxley has made millions and now he’s lost millions. Suicide seems like the only option, but Stephen has no intention of leaving behind his wife, son and daughter. He wants them all to be together forever, in this world or the next.

Angel is on the brink of suicide too. Then she hears a name on the news that transports her back to a windowless basement. Something terrible happened in that basement. Something Angel has been running from most of her life. But the time for running is over. Now is the time to start fighting back.

At the scene of a fatal shooting, Detective Jim Monahan finds evidence of a sickening crime linked to a girl who’s been missing for years. Then more people start turning up dead. Who is the killer? Are the victims also linked to the girl? Who will be next to die? The answers will test to breaking-point Jim’s faith in the law he’s spent his life upholding.

From the number one Amazon Charts bestselling author, comes the first book in a stunning investigative crime thriller trilogy. Meet Detective Jim Monahan, a man willing to lay it all on the line for justice.

What readers are saying about Lost Angel

‘What a ride!! This is a gripping, horrifyingly addictive story. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end! Bravo!’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘So thrilling, tragic, and page-turningly good.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘Totally captivating. It’s a shocking, mind blowing story.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘Nooo! This book cannot be done!!! I want to keep reading!!! Love this one!!! Love the story and the characters!! want more please!!!’ Goodreads Reviewer

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