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RELEASE DATE: 06/14/2017

Paranormal Nonsense

Steve Higgs

If Jack Reacher was a paranormal investigator…

The paranormal? It’s all nonsense but proving it might just get me killed.

I won’t tell you what I used to do in the army, it’s not important. Let’s just say I picked up some skills. Now those skills are proving useful, but I didn’t choose my second career as a paranormal investigator; I don’t even believe in vampire and werewolves. Sometimes though, I secretly worry that I might be wrong.

People call on me to solve cases too weird for the police to take on. Take today for instance; a third victim was found with a bite mark in her lifeless throat. It’s happening in my town and I take that sort of thing personally.

I’ll take the case on without having a client, but one soon arrives in the form of Amanda Harper, a disillusioned police officer who wants the killing stopped just as much as me. Together, and with back up from a cast of friends, we are going after whatever is behind the deaths, but my probing draws its attention and now my family are the hunted.

But when someone I know is taken, a race against time begins which will pitch me into a battle for my life. Good thing I have some skills then.

If you are a fan of fast-paced paranormal thrillers, then this urban fantasy series is sure to please


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