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RELEASE DATE: 05/10/2019

Ride For Me

VR Baucke

A second-chance romantic suspense
BOOK 1 in the North Shore Crew Series. This can be read as a standalone. Over 93k word count.

Lil & Gage.
Sunshine & Batman.
Vivacious, wild and full of life.
Dark, broody and misunderstood.
Opposites in every way.
Together, they are the imperfect love story.

Tragedy in Gage’s past tore his world apart. Three years of living in a constant state of desolation has left Gage a shell of the man he used to be. He’s content to be numb, never wanting to feel – to hurt – ever again.
After moving to a new city in a last ditch effort to turn his battered life around, Gage finds himself out of his depth when he meets his cousin’s group of friends. One in particular stirs forgotten feelings that Gage is desperate to keep suppressed. Lil.
Their connection is unexpected, unstoppable, and surpasses everything Lil’s ever felt before. However, she’s learned the hard way that men aren’t always what they seem, and Gage is no exception to the rule. He burns hot one minute then runs ice cold the next.
Lightning doesn’t strike twice, or so Gage believed. Not when it came to loving hard then losing his entire world in a missed heartbeat. Once torn and resentful for what Lil makes him feel, Gage is now determined to stop pain-laced history repeating.
But will he be too late?


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