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RELEASE DATE: 10/15/2019

Rocked Senseless

Alyson Hale

When people talk about “falling” in love, they usually don’t mean it literally…

After a stage dive gone wrong, I woke up with a gorgeous, tattooed stud sleeping at my bedside. When he opened his deep, dark eyes, I felt something I’ve never felt for any man before.

Too bad I didn’t realize the beautiful, brooding man was Logan Young, my drummer and best friend.

Not only could my feelings destroy a fifteen-year friendship, but his girlfriend’s father holds our fate as musicians in his hands. One false move, and our careers are over.

Is that a risk we’re both willing to take? Or will the duet of our love song remain a solo?

NOTE: This full-length stand-alone rock star romance contains a sassy rock chick and a dirty-talking drummer boy. The road to their HEA is a bumpy ride. Certain events in this book may trigger some readers. Proceed with caution (and maybe a box of tissues).


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