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RELEASE DATE: 06/18/2019

Seducing the Runaway Bride

McKenna Rogue

Meet the Wrights. 13 Siblings. Movie star parents. Love and Chaos at its best.
Aubrey just wants to enjoy the highlights of Aspen, Colorado
And forget that she’s on her honeymoon
groom-less, alone
But face-planting in the snow on her skis
And a broken hot tub are just the icing on her uneaten wedding cake
She claims to want nothing to do with me
Even though I catch her checking me out
After a broken pipe and a twisted ankle,
She’s cooking dinner for me and we’re sharing a bottle of wine
It was supposed to be a vacation fling
Nothing more
And yet, when the time comes, I don’t want to let her go

Chuck and Aubrey’s steamy romance is an interconnected, standalone and the first book in The Wrights series. This title was formerly known as Renovating the Heart.


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