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RELEASE DATE: 02/13/2020



Rachel Berringer despises her new stepbrother. He’s cocky, stubborn and entirely too obsessed with himself. You know what they say—
It’s a thin line between love and hate.

Rachel’s mother has fallen in love.
It’s a whirlwind courtship and the stuff that dreams and feel-good stories on the six o’clock news are made of.
Rachel’s okay with it, namely because her mother deserves some happiness.
It doesn’t hurt that she gets to live in a house on the hill and not worry about the bills for a change.

Everything is fairy tale perfect, or so it would seem.

But, as with every bedtime story, Rachel has to contend with an evil ogre—
Or in this case, her new stepbrother Lucas.

Lucas is insufferable and right away Rachel knows they will never be friends.
She vows to just ignore him and stay out of his way.

It would be a great plan, except for one small thing…
They’re stranded on a desert island together.

All alone and nowhere to hide, Rachel is forced to spend all of her time with Lucas.
When she isn’t thinking about strangling her new stepbrother, she’s remembering what a great kisser he is—
And wondering just what else he’s great at.

Are you in the mood for the second edition of Lily’s new Fairy Tale Romances, Happy Endings? These little books pack a powerful punch and as always contain safe, insta-love reads with an Alpha hero so over the top, women swoon from fifty foot away


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