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RELEASE DATE: 05/07/2020

Take It Slow The Series

Scarlett Brooks

All three billionaire romances in one neat little package! Enjoy these hot and steamy romances with a cold glass of sweet tea. Kick back, relax and escape for a little while.

Take It Slow

Levi Gunner is everything I’m not.
Billionaire, confident, strong, willing to do anything for his business.
Gunner Meats, a huge cattle operation.
Yuck. I don’t even eat meat.
We have nothing in common.
Except one perfect dance, under the stars.
At a charity auction he bought me at.
I’ll probably never see him again.
Until he asks me for a date.
One date, just like our one dance.
But what if I want more?
I don’t know if Levi will put everything he’s worked for aside for me.
And if he does,
Am I willing to put my heart on the line for him?

Take It Easy

One night with a mystery girl…
Turns my world upside down.

We met at a charity auction.
She wasn’t like any woman I’d ever seen before.
Stunning, poised, I had to have her.
And once I had her, I couldn’t get that night of passion out of my head.
I want to repeat it.
Again and again.
But Cinderella left the ball without giving me her number.
I never thought I’d see her again.
A week later I’m taking my horse, Trigger, to the vet,
And low and behold, Cinderella is the doc.
Now I just have to convince her to ride into the sunset with me.
She’s been hurt before, I can tell.
Getting a rope around her heart,
Might be my biggest challenge yet.

Take It Back

She hates everything about me…

Billionaire, bad boy, rodeo star.
She says I’m definitely not her type.
Cara is finishing vet school,
She has goals. Dreams.
A one night stand is all she’s interested in.
Until one night turns into two, three, and more.
Now I know I can’t live without her.
She’s my lucky charm.
I just need her to give me one more chance,
To show her I can be everything she’s dreamed of.
I might not be a knight in shining armour,
But I do know how to ride a horse.


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