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RELEASE DATE: 07/28/2018

Terror in the Shadows Vol. 1

A.I. Nasser, Ron Ripley, Sara Clancy,David Longhorn, Scare Street,Emma Salam

The dark can be a terrible, terrible place…

A young man’s attempts at breaking parole end in a night of horror. A child realizes his Christmas gift might be more sinister than he originally thought. An editor accidentally uncovers his client’s sinister plan to cleanse the world of all evil…

Scare Street’s roster of authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser come together to bring you 10 of the most terrifying tales meant to chill you to your core.

So head over to your favorite reading spot, make yourself comfortable, and dive right in.

We promise that sleep will be the last thing on your mind.


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