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RELEASE DATE: 03/14/2020

The Alpha Shifter

Amelia Shaw

I’ve been a lone wolf all my life… and now this woman wants me to join her pack… There’s no way it’ll work.

I grew up in the foster system, so when I started shifting I had no-one to go to.
No help at all.
But I’ve survived. And I’m doing good.
But then Molly shows up, and like all Fated Mates,
And turns my house and my life upside down.
She offers me a refuge from those that are hunting us because we’re rare… special.
Hybrid shifters.
But it could be too late for us all,
The sole-shifters are on our tail,
And they’re set on wiping us out.
Once and for all.
That is… unless my dragon shifter has something to say about it.

*** Contains two hot dragon shifters and therefore steamy themes/language. No cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!


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