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RELEASE DATE: 11/19/2019

The Choices that Make Love Last

Sarah Hart

Disney movies and fairy tales end on a ‘Happy Ever After’ without ever showing that Real Effort and Hard Work goes into a Long-Lasting Relationship

Skipping over that fact sets a lot of us up for failure…

Remember the excitement of meeting someone new – the butterflies, the laughs, that first kiss, oh the tingles! You want to know every little detail about this person, fall asleep in their arms every night, and seem to easily talk for hours about anything that comes to mind.

You’re in a great new relationship, you feel elated and excited about this person for months, you’re spending more and more time with each other…

And then, eventually, everything changes. The honeymoon period ends.

You are comfortable around each other. You still love each other very much, but that excitement seems all but vanished. You no longer talk for hours at a time. The sex becomes less frequent.

Sound familiar?

What happened? Is there an EASY way to get that magic back?

The Choices That Make Love Last – How To Start Building A Solid Relationship, By Sarah Hart goes into the complex issue of how to make love work, in an easy to understand way.

Especially focusing on the fact that love, while being beautiful and amazingly warm and fuzzy, ultimately has to be based on much more than skipped beats.

This title goes into both the small and the more significant choices we can make throughout our daily lives regarding ourselves, our partners and our relationships so that we can enjoy closer bonds and get through the hard stuff life throws our way.

It dives into important aspects of any solid relationship, including but not limited to, trust, honesty, and sex. It goes on to reveal how these elements are important, what the experts say, and includes stories from couples that have gone the distance on what makes their relationship work, as well as actionable steps you can take in your relationship to keep the flame burning brighter than ever!

Ultimately, when it comes to creating solid relationships that work for the long-term, it’s all about those little choices that help fortify the relationship and make the big decisions easier.

If you want your partner to look at you again with an insatiable desire every day, or set up your next relationship with the right tools so that the honeymoon period doesn’t have to end – You NEED to get this book!Would You Like to Know More?

Get started right away and discover how to make the honeymoon period last much longer than just a few months, with easy steps you can take today.

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