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RELEASE DATE: 03/14/2020

The Raving Love

Emma Vikes

I would hate Julian Hudson till my last breath. And guess what, the hatred was mutual.

I didn’t care how good looking he was, how good of a body he had, how good he used to sing & perform in our college fest, I just couldn’t stand that womanizer.

Because, he was the reason why my best friend Amber tried to commit suicide after he broke her heart, while we were in college.

5 years later, I am now the soon-to-be CEO of Finch Records. It is my dream to take the music label company started by my father to new heights as the CEO.

But I get a shock in the board meeting, when the Board Of Directors decide that I am too young to be the CEO of my father’s company.

There’s only one way I can win their votes. They want me to do a task. And I have 30 days to accomplish it.

The task is to have one of the leading Music Bands to sign a contract with Finch Records.

Born From The Ashes – The Band that has taken the country by storm in the last 2 years, led by none other than Julian Hudson, the lead vocalist.

I cannot believe my fate… The person I vowed to hate till death will now have to be my savior!!!

Oh Gosh… But how am I going to make Julian sign the contract, when he too hates me like anything?


Get on in a roller coaster ride of hatred, conflicts, emotion and passion with the Casanova hunk Julian Hudson and the dignified Audrey Finch, as they unfold their attraction towards each other in a style from enemies to lovers.


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