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RELEASE DATE: 07/17/2018

The Renegade Demon Hunter

Dora Blume

A psychic haunted by her mother’s death. Demons possessing people en masse. Her family, pleading for her help to stop them.

Sloane has a powerful gift, it’s the reason she’s been running from the Shikari order for years. Now they’ve caught up to her, and her brother is asking for her help.

Sloane holds the key to saving the world from demon possession. But her mother’s murder still haunts her. She suspects the demon hunting organization she’s supposed to trust is behind her murder. How can she be trust the Shikari to have her back while she puts her own life in danger?

Desperate for the truth once and for all, she agrees to join the fight. Will her search for answers have devastating consequences?

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What Reviewers are Saying!
” Well-written and engaging story with some snappy dialogue.” -Susan

“This book sucked me in, kept me engaged, and on the edge of my seat throughout the WHOLE book!!! Can’t wait for the next Shikari book!!” -Tonja

“A brilliant urban fantasy that kept me reading and wanting more.” -K.L Laettner


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