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RELEASE DATE: 05/31/2020

The Rossi Brothers: Dark Mafia Romance Duet

J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

Dip your toes into the dark criminal underground ran by the Rossi Crime Family.

Two complete stories, with their own happily ever afters. Over 500 pages of reading!!

Meet Xander and Damon Rossi, the ruthless, gorgeous, manipulative, mafia brothers in this exclusive boxed set available for a limited time. Find out how they went from made men, to men that would do anything to protect those they love.

“These authors ripped my heart from my chest and barred every part of my soul to the dark while allowing a small piece of hope to take root…” -Amazon Review

Protect Me:

Needing his protection is the last thing I want but it’s this or death, so I find myself, and my heart at the mercy of Damon Rossi.

Keep Me:

All I wanted was to find my sister but somehow I ended up in a cell in Xander Rossi’s basement making a deal with a devil, a deal that was going to cost me my heart and possibly my life.

“This is an adrenaline rush of goodness. The characters are rich and full. Dangerous, fast paced and very well written.”


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