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RELEASE DATE: 02/21/2019

To Catch a Magic Thief

E.J. Kitchens

Falsely accused of being the notorious Magic Thief, the non-magic Marcel Ellsworth, Baron of Carrington, wants nothing more than to stay away from enchanters and sorcerers. Unfortunately, he soon discovers his mentor, the Duke of Henly, is head of a family of proud enchanters—and that they’re the next target of the Magic Thief, a servant of the sorcerers. With the threat of another accusation hanging over him, Marcel sets out to prove his innocence, especially to the duke’s beautiful daughter Gabriella, and to stop the Thief once and for all.

But Gabriella is hiding a deadly secret that complicates Marcel’s mission, and raises its stakes. For one thing is certain: the Magic Thief has come for more than magical treasures—he’s come for Gabriella.

A spunky heroine, an unlikely hero, a cunning thief, and a race against a terrifying curse–everything a reader could want in a fantasy adventure! Marcel and Gabriella are both easy to root for as they overcome obstacles and their own misconceptions, and their growing friendship against the odds is executed to perfection. E.J. Kitchens has once again created a world of elegant manners and complex magic that will both intrigue and enchant her readers through the very last page.
~Laurie Lucking, award-winning author of Common

THE MAGIC COLLECTORS series features stand-alone novels that can be read in any order. They are clean fantasy novels with adventure, humor, and romance in E.J. Kitchens’s classic “Jane Austen romance meets fairytale adventure” style.


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