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RELEASE DATE: 03/04/2020

Unwrapping the Present

Crystal Faye

I was the silent supermodel; the angel amongst fallen souls.

Everyone knew that I couldn’t talk. Everyone knew that my career soared because of my gorgeous green eyes and pure, innocent heart. Every paparazzi chasing me tried to sell every inch of my life to the tabloids.

But there was one part they didn’t know, and that was my whole heart, body, and soul belonged to Evan Makers.

Evan was the boy next door, the bad boy I left behind in New York who never knew the glamour of LA. He lived life in the fast lane and cared more about having a good time than anything else. But he never left my memories.

Losing my V-card to him was my dream and my nightmare at the same time. I loved him; I ached for him.

But I could never be with him, no matter how much I craved him… or could I?

***Unwrapping the Present is a steamy friends-to-lovers romance featuring a virgin supermodel and bad boy. Grab this sizzling hot standalone romance today! There is no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed satisfying HEA.


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