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RELEASE DATE: 09/27/2017

Wicked Blood

Margo Bond Collins, Rebecca Hamilton,Charmed Legacy ,Dark Fae Hollows

In Gypsy Hollow, everyone knows blood is power.
And here, all power come with a Blood Price.

In the former city of Bucharest, the Sleeping Daughter—a Fae whose sacrifice helped divide the world into Hollows—rests fitfully, dreaming dark dreams of dominion and demanding blood sacrifices during the full moon.

The Human-Fae council has outlawed the sacrifice of sentient beings, but that doesn’t stop everyone. Especially not the vampires. When Mirela, a fortune teller, finds herself unexpectedly bound to the lynx-shifter Sorin, she realizes that they’ll have to fight against his blood lust and her desire to misuse magic if they plan to survive the Daughter’s rising.

But blood makes the magic stronger—and the Daughter’s imminent awakening only makes the call of evil, and the desire for blood, stronger. And no one can escape the city.

They’ll have to do whatever is necessary to stay alive while they try to save Gypsy Hollow. Even if it means giving in to the allure of Wicked Blood.


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