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RELEASE DATE: 07/19/2016

Within The Maples

Harmony Lee

Years after a tragic accident halted Raven Quinn’s world, it is time for another life-altering change—this time on her terms…

Adjusting to life after her parents were killed in a horrific car accident, Raven, along with her best friend Eva, decides to move away from the town filled with family memories. They settle into a loft-style apartment in The Maples condo complex on the East Side of Providence, where Raven works to rebuild her life.

Nightmares begin to take over Raven’s dreams, and her grief-stricken exhaustion clouds her reality. When her sleepless nights prevent her from living life, Eva persuades her to see a therapist—Dr. Benjamin Royce.

A handsome and patient therapist, Dr. Royce goes above and beyond to counsel Raven in his home office, just upstairs in The Maples…

Raven and Dr. Royce work to decipher the origin and meaning of the mystery man who haunts her sleep. As a part of her therapy, she records the visions in her dream journal.

As Raven adapts to a more normal lifestyle, she meets Ethan Kyle, The Maples grounds manager, who charms his way into her heart…

But are Ethan’s intentions as simple as they appear? A gut feeling tells Raven he’s not all he seems to be. And as her nightmares and sanity take a turn for the worse, Dr. Royce tries desperately to help Raven—the mysterious red haired girl he’s come to care for.

Raven’s trapped herself in her worst nightmare within The Maples. Can Dr. Royce bring her back to reality before it’s too late?


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