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RELEASE DATE: 05/28/2020

A Pinch of Passion

Kelly Collins

She leads a privileged life. He has a chip on his shoulder. Can the very thing that divides them be what draws them together?

Allie Parks lives life in the fast lane—literally. As a partner in Luxe Resorts, she’s learned that if her money won’t open a door, her looks will. So when she’s pulled over for speeding, Allie’s shocked to discover neither her charm nor her cash will work on Officer Marco Rossi. She winds up in court where she’s handed down thirty hours of community service, on top of running her resort and renovating her new condo. She wants to despise the man who put her in this position, but the chemistry between them is impossible to ignore.

Since the death of his parents, Marco Rossi has resented the entitled, wealthy residents of Aspen who race their way through the streets, believing they’re above the law. He’s dedicated his life to helping the less fortunate and protecting a community that rarely appreciates his efforts. When Allie speeds into his life, he’s sure he has her all figured out. But when she’s ordered to perform community service at his soup kitchen, he can’t help but see her sweet side. He falls for the wrong woman, for all the right reasons.

Will mixing two opposites be the perfect recipe for love or will they end up getting burned?

Find out in A Pinch of Passion…


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