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RELEASE DATE: 06/25/2020

Alpha Billionaire Secret Club

Scarlett Hope

Book 1 – Charmed By Richard :
For years, I ran away from love, from my true self and swore never to think of forever. Little did I know that a little, innocent mistake at a hotel would lead me to her. Foolishly, I thought she was just like the rest. But then I came to realize that after just one taste of her, Rachel Ivy was someone I could never let go.
Book 2 – Destined For Thomas:
It started from a simple dance, then a touch and the next thing I knew, I was screaming her name from the middle of a street. Never did I know my lifelong commitment to bachelorhood could be so easily shaken. But then again, she is not just any woman. And after the first stolen kiss, I knew I was in trouble.
Book 3 – Made For Frank :
Rules were my thing. I never broke them. And the rule said to never fall in love. That was why a friend’s betrayal pushed me so far I decided to move to another state… and unexpectedly crashed into the one thing I hated the most – that damn love. Because of her, I saw a new side to life I’d never seen before. And as soon as I took her as my maid, the time came when I just knew I couldn’t keep pretending.
Book 4 – Drawn To Jack :
As your typical Prince Charming and playboy, getting women had never been a problem for me. I had anyone I wanted. But one day, I met my match, my angel. It started from a short encounter at a bar. But from that moment, I could not get her out of my mind. Soon, what started as a plan to make her mine became the very thing that made me say goodbye to bachelorhood. Forever.
Book 5 – Falling For Kevin :
Ever met a workaholic like me? I don’t think so. I was the kind of guy who only thought about my business, until it indirectly led me to her. The first meeting was not pleasant. But then it led to the second… and the third… until that fateful moment when I realized that fate had played a smart one on me. I was already under the spell of love.
Alpha Billionaires Secret Club is a collection of five standalone sweet, steamy short stories. If you love short romances with insta-love, hot love scenes, and strong alpha man, then this one is for you.
Take advantage of the SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE of 2.99 now! Sit back relax and immerse yourself in these steamy forbidden romances with beautiful HEA’s.


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