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RELEASE DATE: 05/15/2020

An Agent for Meghan

Ginny Sterling

Meghan Chambers is spoiled and she knows it. Growing up, she had everything you could ever ask for except affection. The close bond she has with her sister Bernadette is essential to her happiness, but when her sister is ordered to marry a stranger – a new adventure together sounds like just the thing to keep the duo in cahoots! There’s nothing quite so exciting, daring, or carefree as tracking down a villain – until she meets Jack Gaines.

Jack takes one look at the pampered princess that he is being saddled with and laughs in sheer disbelief. There’s no way he’s going to willingly agree to be married to a hoity-toity-rich-girl like Meghan. He is tough, lethal, and was hired to track down a killer – not bungle a pretend marriage with a partner who looks like a prima donna.

When Meghan proves to be more than just the frills and lace on her dress, can she earn Jack’s respect and trust when they need it most? Can Jack let down his guard to see that sometimes it’s okay to show a little tenderness and compassion towards his wife, the newest Pinkerton Agent.


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