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RELEASE DATE: 04/02/2020

Boss of Me

Aubrey Wright

Boss with benefits was a bad idea.
Getting pregnant by him…
Pure stupidity.

Cocky McCockerson was my first on a long list of firsts.
My first crush. My first lover. My first kiss.
When he left without a word he became… my first enemy.

12 years later he’s back from the military.
Armed with a panty dropping smile and enough swagger to charm the entire cheerleading squad.

And I’m the idiot that agreed to let him stay at my house.
I was doing an excellent “ish” job of minding my business,
until I walked in on him in the shower.

We agreed. Just once.
Screw my broken heart. I can keep it casual.
His charm and big stick aren’t fooling anyone.

Just when my hatred was subsiding.
He secretly becomes my boss.
Guess I’ll hide this baby bump a little longer…


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