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RELEASE DATE: 04/07/2020

Buying Her Jewel

Jamie Knight

I want her, but she resists me.
So, I’ll make her an offer she can’t pass up.

I live the perfect bachelor life.
A cushy job, partying and more money than I could spend in a lifetime.
And usually a ton of women throwing themselves at me, of course.
But I just moved to a small town to expand my technology company.
And though the female residents are beautiful, not many are single.
So when some acquaintances call me up and propose an auction here,
I jump at the chance.
After all, they’re not suggesting we bid on antiques.
At these billionaire auctions, we buy virgins.
But we’re going to have to find some if we want to have the auction.
I decide to run my proposition by my hot, curvy jeweler Amelia.
At first, she turns me down flat.
Until I promise her that I can make it worth her while.
With my help, she can buy the jewelry shop she wants.
And I can use her storefront to host the auction.
Of course I want to claim her innocence.
But I can also make her dreams come true and change her life.
And yet, what if she ends up changing mine?

Is this chain between us too fragile to hold our love?
Or can I clasp this gorgeous woman to me and never let go?

Buying Her Jewel is a full-length standalone romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happily ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!


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