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RELEASE DATE: 07/30/2020

Chains’ Trust

E.C. Land


Trust is hard to find when you don’t know who will turn their back on you. After going through some rough crap in life, I know the only ones who won’t are my brothers. They have my back, and I have theirs.

When all hell is about to break lose I knew I should’ve told my sister I couldn’t do it. You see, my sister asked me to watch a woman, one of her friends’ who had been through it recently. I wondered why she’d ask something like this of me. Hell, I didn’t have time to babysit some woman. A stranger nonetheless. It’d be different if she was one of my brothers’ ol’ ladies.

Then it happened, she walked through those doors at the club and I could see she was gonna be trouble. The look in her eyes made me realize she had been through some trauma, but there was also some fire too. It didn’t make sense, considerin’ she was scared of her own shadow and all.

She refused to be around anyone else except me. I don’t know what my sister told her, but she’s stuck to me like glue now.

How the hell can this woman trust me when she doesn’t even know a damn thing about me?

Tensions rise when the monsters come out of the shadows. To face the creatures, I’ll have to jump through the flames.

The only thing I’m not sure of is if this woman will be jumping by my side.

To be in the Inferno’s Clutch MC you gotta be able to handle the fire. Can she?


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