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RELEASE DATE: 06/29/2020

Claimed by the King

Ava Night

His touch awakened my body. His bite awakened my power…
I felt broken-hearted the day mother put me – her own daughter – up for sale in the Market of Mysteries. Then I felt fear when the powerful lion shifter Rajah purchased me for his harem. And when he took me to his bed chambers, I felt passion and pride, for being chosen as his mate.
But when he claimed me with his bite, I felt something else. Something I never felt before. Power…
It’s a power that terrifies me, a power that shouldn’t exist. I thought I was just a normal human girl. But now I know I’m something that is so much more… a pride-witch and an avatar of a goddess. Now I have the power to control the pride and shape the destiny of this kingdom. But that same power makes me a weapon to those who seek to hurt my mate. They think they can take me and use me for their own twisted ends.
But they’re wrong.
Because now I understand how to manipulate my enemies. I will use my power, my body, my sensuality, to distract them, while Rajah prowls the jungle searching for me.
And when my Rajah roars in fury, our enemies will know true fear…


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