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RELEASE DATE: 02/17/2020

Cruel Player

Shae Sullivan

I always imagined that being the smart girl in college would be totally different then being the smart girl in high school.
Oh, how wrong I was.
Popular girls and cliques still exist in college—and they’re in the dorm next door.
But I should’ve known better.
I made the mistake of going to MSU; a football school that worships their athletes almost as much as they do Monday Night Football.
And the jocks of this school are essentially kings. Kings, who are only good for one thing: Dirty Daydreams.
Not that I have time for that. I’m here on an academic scholarship and I can’t let a single thing destroy my once chance at happiness.
But when I’m suddenly faced with my secret crush in high school, Nate Buckingham, star quarterback and every sophomore girl’s wet dream, I’m right back where I was at fifteen.
He may be hotter than ever, but we couldn’t be any more different.
And I’m too smart to fall for a chiseled jaw and a gorgeous smile.
So why am I suddenly weak in the knees and damp between my thighs with every glance he sends my way?

Nate Buckingham, aka ‘The Buck’, aka, ‘Big man on campus.’
God, how I hate those f*cking titles.
Don’t get me wrong, there are perks to being, ripped, six-two and the star quarterback.
And most of those perks come in short skirts and cheerleading uniforms.
But that’s all they can be . . . perks.
Because I’ve got my eye on the prize, and one wrong hookup could throw off my entire game.
I’m so close to finishing school and getting drafted–when she shows up.
Wicked smart, with fiery green eyes and messy bun; newly arrived Freshman, Keira Wells, has been the source of many late-night spank-bank sessions since my high school days.
But all she’s ever seen in me was a jock who played on—and off—the field.
And even though she acts like she can’t stand me, I see the heat in her eyes. The desire that she tries to fight when I catch her watching me.
Our connection is undeniable.
And I’m tired of settling for the fantasy.
I want the real thing. I want Kiera.
But when we finally stop holding back, the rest of the world may be ready to pull us apart . . .

This is a full-length standalone college sports romance with a alpha hero and a spunky heroine. No cheating and HEA guaranteed.


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