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RELEASE DATE: 12/09/2019

Cuff Me at Christmas

Lark Avery

It was one night. One f*cking glorious night with Max Ransom– arrogant asshole, brilliant MD and trusted colleague.

Then I discovered the growly Scottish “heir to spare “ in my bed was the new Duke of Gylen.


It’s not 2019, not 1819. I’m a physician, New Yorker, and grown-ass woman. When Ransom disappeared off to his castle, I shouldered on running the emergency department of New York’s busiest hospital. I hardly ever thought about the filthy things his Scottish burr whispered to me that night. Or how my body ached for him.

But now some psycho stalker threatens my life and I’m forced to accept help from the one man that I never thought I’d see again.

Surely, I can survive Christmas in Scotland with Max Ransom, Duke of Gylen.

All I have to do is keep my panties on.

Oh f*ck. Who am I kidding?

I’m in real trouble now.

Author Note: Here’s the scoop–this is the story that I HAD to write. Ransom would not leave me alone. And Jess was just the woman to deal with his broody arrogant sexy self. And the fact that it’s set in a Scottish castle at Christmas? Oh yeah baby, bring on the sexy times. I hope you love this story as much as I loved writing it!

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