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RELEASE DATE: 04/19/2020

Curse of the Dragon: The Complete Box Set

Jadyn Chase

Not even an ancient curse can stop these brothers from getting what they want.

Awakening after two hundred years of slumber only to emerge in a strange new world wasn’t going to stop these sexy beasts from finding their soul mates. Will they cure this curse before it’s too late, or will their dark secrets get them all killed first?

Aroused in Flames

Our world will never be the same.

I can’t believe this all began with me finding some naked guy hiding out in my backyard.

In the beginning, I thought he was out of his mind.

Who am I kidding? I thought I was out of my mind!

From his first words, I knew Thomas is no ordinary man.
His stories of Old Britain are wild and that accent of his is almost too much.

Can this be true?
Crazy stories have been floating around about some mysterious guy appearing out of nowhere at Dover Castle and turning himself into a giant flying beast when he was confronted.

Could he really be some sort of dragon shifter from another time?

This man is so sweet and proper with a heart of gold. The thought of him turning into some flying monster is just ridiculous.
The more I get to know him, the more I realize I’m falling for the guy.
It’s time to find out what’s really going on with this dragon story though…before it’s too late.

Now that I’m pregnant with his baby, I’m worried it already is.

Aroused in Fire

When I woke up, everything was different.

The world has become a crazy place, and so many questions need to be answered.

Thank god I found the twins before I ended up in prison or dead in a ditch somewhere.

The biggest thing I have to thank them for is introducing me to Rosie.

Together, these three are going to be my only chance to find out why I’m here.

Trying to resist Rosie though, is proving to be my biggest challenge.

Those luscious lips are just begging to be kissed, and the more I’m with her, the more I never want to let her go.

Just when I think things are beginning to look up in this crazy place, the mysterious beast within has taken me over again.

I can’t control it.

No one can.

If we can’t find any answers soon, I feel like the next time I shift could be my last.

Aroused in Inferno

For James this new world is a dark and terrible place.

After waking in a strange new world as a fire breathing beast, James has no idea what is going on or how he has arrived here.

Before he can gain his bearings and understand what the hell is going on, he is captured and hauled off to a secret facility for testing.

Now he’s been locked away in a cage and treated like an animal with no means of escape.

His only means of solace is the beautiful young scientist that is in charge of his care.

Is this going to be the end of the road for James?

He feels his worse fears are coming to fruition. If he can’t get Paige to feel for him the same way he feels about her in time, he may never get to escape this place. He needs to find out what happened to his family and uncover more about the dark secrets that have brought him her before it’s too late.

Warning: Adults Only


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