Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds

An Action-Packed Romance Series with Kick-Ass Heroines and Strong, Swoon-Worthy Heroes!
Revenge-for-Hire 101:
Don’t get personal.
Never let them see you sweat.
And keep a spare personalty (or two) on hand to match the color-coded disguises in your closet.

As a product of the streets, Eden Smith knows the sticker shock that comes with settling a score. Thanks to the deep pockets of her influential clientele, her past is buried in an undisclosed location six feet deep.

Until a dead prostitute washes up on the shores of Chicago’s ritzy Gold Coast community, and the ranking homicide detective assigned to the case finds a Dirty Deeds business card clutched in the victim’s fist.

With Kelly Riordan sniffing around, every secret Eden’s got filed away at the office threatens to be smeared across the tabloids. And now that she’s picked up a stalker, Detective Built, Buff and Brooding seems hell bent on butting in where he doesn’t belong.

Trusting a cop is not in her wheelhouse. Even if they detonate hotter than nitro meets glycerin and he comes at her shouldering one mean overprotective streak. Based on how the bodies are piling up, she’s not the only one itching for payback. Nearly half the city’s upper crust is on the suspect list. But to catch a killer, she’ll run the scheme of a lifetime…even if that means returning to the past like a ghost.