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RELEASE DATE: 05/22/2020

Drakhana’s Claim

Anne Hale & Tara Starr

With our nation on the brink of war, my rival becomes my lover.

Ever since I’ve known Ivy, we’ve been at odds.
When she just joined the ranks of the Ice dragons, she did so as a fighter.
She was much younger than me, but she fought her way to the top.

We sparred.
And with every hit and every jab…

I fell in love with her.

But she was a princess. And I was a soldier.
My duty was to my nation.
Not to my heart.
I had to forget my love.
So I put away my spear. And went into the city.

Now I make billions of dollars.
I’ve become a conqueror of the business world.
All in the service of the Ice Drakhana.
So that my mind may stay clear of her.

Until one day…when she crashes into my world.

Our nation is heading to war.
The only way our nation will survive is if Ivy and I can show the way back to the old, forgotten powers.
And there’s only one way to unlock that power…

With our love.


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