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RELEASE DATE: 05/28/2020


Esme Devlin & Logan Fox

Notorious. Gorgeous. Deadly.

Three words to describe the two men who snatched me away.

Twins with an unbreakable bond – formed long before they were born, forged into steel by their violent, crime-riddled childhood.

Cole, the brains. Cillian, the brawn.


Everyone claims they know the Hendry twins. Everyone has a story about them, a connection with them, a made-up insight into their lives.

But I know the truth.

I know one runs as cold as ice and the other hotter than a lit firework.

I know one feels too much, while the other feels nothing at all.

Each as psychotic as they are beautiful.

But only one of them has the power to break my heart.

In some stories, the princess gets stolen away for marriage.
For ransom.
For land.

In this story, the princess is stolen to become a puppet.

The marriage, ransom and land were just unintended consequences.

And in this story, the puppet will destroy the princes, the queen, and anyone else who stands in her way.


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